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USCO ITR is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Components for Earthmoving Machines: Undercarriage, GET (wear parts) and Repair Parts.

Established in 1989, USCO acquired ITR in 1994 and began manufacturing spare parts and repair parts. 

Acquisition of new manufacturing and distribution enterprises in certain key markets led to continual expansion of the product range, which now includes rubber and steel undercarriage components (chains, rollers, sprockets and segment groups, shoes, bolt-on and clip on rubber pads, vulcanized rubber and polyurethane shoes and city-pads), G.E.T. (blades, end-bits, profiles, armored plates and wear buttons, sidebar protectors for buckets, heel shrouds, lip shrouds, teeth, adapters, rippers and blades for graders), buckets, loading ramps, hydraulic hammers and spare parts for earth moving machines compatible with Caterpillar® and Komatsu® machines (frame components, transmission parts, engine parts, cooling system parts, hydraulic parts, pumps for earth moving machines, components for pneumatic systems, air and oil filters, electrical and cab parts). 

USCO has focused a great deal of attention on logistical-distribution factors, thereby achieving rational re-organization and efficient technical-manufacturing localization. 

Today, USCO is the only enterprise to be integrated both vertically (thanks to the establishment of undertakings able to cover the different supply chain levels) and horizontally (by establishing a large number of manufacturing companies within the same industrial sector).


Global Presence

Distribution structures, established in barycentric positions with respect to the target markets, ensure widespread, efficient distribution of the ITR product range. Thus optimized lead times and reduced logistics costs are a strategic part of the offer the Group proposes, from competitiveness through to after-sales service.


ITR Distribution Centres

ITR Africa
ITR America
ITR Far East
ITR Middle East
ITR South America
ITR Pacific
ITR Benelux
ITR Agri
MST Parts Group

ITR Manufacturing Facilities

ITR Industries (China)
ITR Industries (South Korea)
ITR Meccanica
Track One 
Hi-Spec Manufacturing
Bulldog Hydraulics and Gaskets
Strickland Tracks

ITR Africa

23 New Goch Road
Benrose, Johannesburg
Republic of South Africa
T: +27 11 614 0070
F: +27 11 614 0081

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