Track Chains, Rollers, Sprockets, Idlers and Shoes for Earthmoving, Agricultural and Special Machines (Pavers, Drilling Machines, Logging Machines and other Special Applications).

The ITR undercarriage line includes a vast range of components such as chains, shoes, rollers, sprockets, idlers and segments manufactured entirely within the group's own production facilities.

The life of an ITR undercarriage product begins in the R&D department at the ITR group’s headquarters in Italy, where our engineers can leverage local expertise by partnering with regional universities and design our undercarriage products using the latest CAD technology.

With extensive experience in metallurgy, ITR engineers set stringent and effective controls at each step of the production process, from the selection of raw materials all the way to the physical manufacturing of the part. 

The result of this finely turned design and production process is the most complete range of quality undercarriage on the market. In addition to standard excavator and dozer applications, the ITR undercarriage line covers asphalt road paving, drilling, and logging machines. ITR’s flexible production and design expertise also allow for ‘tailor-made’ products to suit any specialized applications.

ITR undercarriage products are compatible with the machines produced by numerous manufacturers including Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Hitachi®, Liebherr®, Hyundai®, Volvo®, Doosan®, CNH®, JCB®, Kobelco® and Sumitomo®.

The ITR JOBS® undercarriage line is a cost effective alternative to the premium ITR undercarriage line and available on most of the common 20 ton excavators including chains, rollers, sprockets and idlers.

The ITR undercarriage line includes a range of Rubber Tracks and Mini Undercarriage as well as Track Frames and Crawler Systems.

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