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Frame Components, Transmission Parts, Engine Parts, Cooling System Parts, Hydraulic Parts and Pumps for Earthmoving Machines, Components for Pneumatic Systems, Air and Oil Filters, Electrical and Cab Parts.

Specialized in spare parts for Caterpillar® and Komatsu® machines.

ITR has developed the widest range of repair parts available on the market for earth moving machines today. Constantly expanding, the range currently includes over 30,000 articles: engine parts such as crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, cylinder liners, engine valves. Hydraulic parts like gear pumps, piston pumps and hydraulic steering systems. Clutch parts, cooling system parts such as radiators, oil coolers and pumps. Torque converters and their relative components. Braking system parts such as calipers, discs and air compressors. Electric parts such as engine starters, alternators, switches, sensors, batteries and worklamps. Parts for transmissions, differential systems and final drives. Chassis parts such as equalizer bars, bogies, guards and cab repair parts such as operator seats, window panes and level indicators.

A cornerstone of USCO's core business since day one, ITR repair parts have proudly cemented themselves as a kingpin in the industry today.

The ITR repair parts line is centered at the R&D and Engineering offices of the Italian HQ, where they are able to take advantage of a deep local understanding of design and mechanical engineering. Numerous stringent controls are performed throughout the production process, at both the groups facilities in Italy and abroad. These strict and thorough tests ensure the highest quality standards are maintained throughout each and every repair parts division.  

The ITR repair parts line is comprised of the following product classes: frame components, transmission parts, engine parts, cooling system parts, hydraulic parts, pumps for earth moving machines, components for pneumatic systems, air and oil filters, electrical and cab parts. 

Committed to being a leader in the market, the ITR repair parts line will continue to expand through strategic acquisitions made by USCO and the strength of its distribution network. 

One of the major product lines, gear pumps, are produced in Italy by ITR Meccanica. This Italian company boasts an annual production capacity of 60,000 gear pumps in over 400 different types, compatible with Caterpillar® and Komatsu® machines.

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