Rubber Tracks and Mini Undercarriage

Rubber Tracks and Components for Mini-excavator Models (Rollers, Sprockets, Idlers, and Steel Track Chains with and without shoes) and other Compact and Utility Machines.

The most complete range of undercarriage parts for mini and compact machines developed thanks to on-going research into the new applications proposed by the industry players.

The ITR mini and compact undercarriage line has seen strong and steady growth since it was first introduced 20 years ago.

ITR rubber tracks are the result of countless hours of market research, engineering studies and field tests. The focus on high-quality materials, usage specific design features, and a consistent manufacturing processes as led to a product that performs across a vast range of applications and conditions. Today, USCO is constantly expanding its range to suit the needs of its customers and is proud to offer the most complete range of rubber tracks on the market. 

The ITR mini and compact undercarriage line also includes a strong selection of bolt and clip on rubber pads, rubber and polyurethane vulcanized shoes, and city-pads (road-liners). 

In addition, ITR offers a vast assortment of undercarriage components for mini and CTL machines. The product line includes carrier rollers, inner and outer flange rollers (with and without supports), double-flange rollers, sprockets, idlers with brackets, track tension devices, as well as cast or forged track chains with shoes (welded and bolt on). 

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